Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas everywhere!

Kids are excited in our schools! The Christmas programs, parties to come and 2 weeks off!
I am excited too!
I have so much to do before Christmas- we have started our shopping but we have gifts yet to buy!

Andy was born on Christmas Eve- we try to do something ahead of time for him!

I am trying to put my Christmas eve food list together- I think I am making:
  • Crockpot Christmas Crack
  • Carmel/Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Turkey- Steve will smoke this for us!
  • Ham- Steve will smoke this for us too!
  • hash brown potato casserole
  • sausage balls
  • maybe some pink salad
Before that date I have to think about food for friends party---- probably some finger food kind of stuff!!
I also need to find or make an ugly sweater! What day is it again? Much to do!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend! We went to Denton on Saturday for Alex's TWU graduation! We are so excited for them! After a great lunch at The Horny Toad with his parents, we headed back to Sherman to do a little cleanup. Saturday night we took Bobbie and Andy out to Georgetown Baptist for the live nativity journey! It was really good! Lots of people had the opportunity to walk through the market place and then journey to the stable! Well done!
Today we helped with worship again at Trinity! We were so excited to see Robby today! After worship we enjoyed a good lunch and conversation! No matter how long we go without seeing each other it is just like old times when we are together!
This week we have much to get ready for! We will be finishing up decoration and cleaning for a party! I need to find an ugly sweater or something! With our Plexus payday this week we will be able to finish Christmas shopping and birthday shopping for Andy!
I am looking forward to the following week getting everyone together for Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fun times with some Plexus peeps today! Tomorrow we will get to see Alex walk the stage at TWU! We are excited for him!
Count down to Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 2014

My Year in Review
This time last year I had started taking Plexus- I was not feeling great and I was way overweight!
Starting on Dec 1st- I began taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator + each day. I also learned to drink water- LOL! Coke had been my thing!!!
Before Christmas arrived my pants were falling off! Steve made fun and me! So for Christmas I got new jeans- 2 sizes smaller!!!
As the new year came- Steve decided to join me on this Plexus journey- then in February Ashley joined and in April Andy joined!
It has been awesome!
Energy, better sleep, smaller clothes and best of all Healthy!!!!!
In January something wonderful started happening- not only was I getting healthy and losing weight- I was getting a paycheck from Plexus!!
  • In February we went and stayed at the Texas Gaylord for Valentine's day!
  • We got really awesome Valentine gifts!!!
  • In March we built a Cedar Pergola! 
  • We bought a 2013 Truck at the end of March
  • We bought a used Travel trailer in April
  • Stayed at the Omni Dallas for Convention in May
  • We started camping on the weekends!
  • Went to Galveston in June- for work- but we actually got to play
  • We took the kids to Branson in July
  • Andy/Bobbie got married in October
It has been an awesome experience! I have 48 people on my team! Several people purchase products from me and send me fun emails that tell how much better they feel! It has been so rewarding to help others!
As of September we are going to church at Trinity Baptist in Sherman- we have been helping "G" out with worship. We have an awesome pastor that had actually been a part of our Youth Group back in the day when we worked at Trinity!
God is so good!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Has it been nearly a year??????

WOW! I am so bad about blogging! It is May of 2013 and I just checked to see what the last thing I wrote on my blog was.... getting ready for Ashley's wedding and other summer things! Now here I am getting ready for summer again! What has changed... well... not the leg. it still hurts but at least they took me off coumadin! Ashley and Alex are living in Denton and going to school! Andy moved to Durant and is driving up for work at TI. Steve and I are enjoying fixing up and cleaning up the house as well as playing with garden and flowers and things outside. One of this year's purchases was a tiller... Steve wanted to try his hand at a garden again... the tiller is great and the garden is bigger than I thought it would be.. but it is fun watching the tomato, corn, peppers, okra, garlic, onions and more get taller each day! The flower garden is pretty too.... roses are blooming front and back yard... the cannas are coming up as well as other bulbs that we planted... everything is turning pretty! We haven't really seen much of the old gang lately... I guess everyone is doing their thing and has gotten busy... kinda strange how that happens.... I guess as the summer starts I will be making some presentations, running tech camp and doing a few staff development classes...before you know it we will be starting a new school year... but before that I hope to just enjoy some down time with family and friends!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer begins.....

So after closing down my labs a week early I began summer vacation to prepare for Ashley's wedding! Steve and I spent the next few days buying and preparing food for the reception! The rehearsal went off great and so did the wedding! We had so much fun getting ready and the actual day of wedding was so awesome! Ashley was a beautiful bride! Everything was so nice and so many family and friends joined us! The next week as I tried to clean up around the house I noticed my left leg hurt like a cramp! Clean up was getting no where! That weekend Steve realized my leg was swollen and took me to doctor...that landed me in hospital from Saturday to Tuesday! I thought everything was improving...I had to cancel a staff development and get lots of help with tech camp...but things appeared to be improving....as the month ended I realized my leg was hurting up higher than before...bummer! Tractor pull and fireworks at Pecan Grove was fun....then friends and fun with fireworks were awesome at our house! Andy, Steve and Robby bought lots of pretty artillery shells and put on a great show! We got to see Ashley and Alex's Duplex today...the boys played some disc golf....but tomorrow it is back to normal schedule and I return to the doctor.....hoping for an easy fix! A little worried that I should pack my bag again......we shall see!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So much change!

So I just read through my last post! It has been a while! We lost mom December 2010. I miss her!
Ashley got engaged August 2011 and will marry Alex on June 2nd. She is finishing up a dental assistant certificate this month so hopefully will help her find good job while she is working on her dental hygiene school.
Andy has been looking for work and finally got on at TI through Volt. He is picking up everything so quick! Hopefully will turn out to be a good job for him.
The church did call a pastor.,,,and then there was a staff change. Steve went back out to TI to work and we have helped out a few churches with worship since June but mainly just lying low I suppose.
Really so much has changed since my last post! We got to buy a $6000 septic tank in December 2011....boy was that exciting....so now as we go into this spring the yard is still a bit of a mess!
Guess that is all for now....maybe it won't take so long until the next!