Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What a difference a year has made!

WOW! What a difference a year has made! The grand kids are growing and changing and we are enjoying every minute of it!
     Over the last year, Andy and Bobbie have moved to Missouri to follow their dreams! We miss being close but know they are taking some great steps for their family. Their family will actually be growing by one more this summer! More on that later!
     Ashley and Alex are still living in Krum and doing great! Ashley will soon be finishing her college. I know she is excited to be finished with it! She has worked hard to be a student, an assistant director for a day care, a wife and a mom... each one is a full time position and she has led through it with grace!
     Steve and I are enjoying getting a chance to take the RV out from time to time! This last year it made a few extra trips up to Branson to get some hugs! We have started this year by enjoying a long weekend at Caddo lake... a must see once...not sure that it will draw me back unless I have a cabin on the water and a boat!
     I still take and sell Plexus! I love that it helps me manage sugar levels...helps me with energy during the day and sleeping at night. Still loving sharing it with anyone that wants to know!
Check out my webpage:  https://sites.google.com/view/drinkingpink/home

     more to come!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yes, I'm a GiGi

What a difference a year makes! We are getting very close to Bentley's first birthday! This will be closely followed by Cylus' first birthday!
WOW at the changes this has made for everyone!
It is so fun to watch your own kids grow up and become wonderful loving parents!
It is even more fun to have those babies getting older and becoming more and more excited to see us when we visit! I love those smiles and giggles!!!
Yes, being GiGi and PawPaw has it rewards! We love to hug and kiss and play and spoil them rotten... and then send them on their way and hear how the kids have been up all night! LOL! That is why babies are for the young!!!
I am looking forward to this summer! Watching them learn to walk and play in the pool!
Can you imagine the first look at a butterfly or a flower!
So much fun!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Our family has grown!

What a difference a year makes!
2 grandbabies will change everything!

Life is good!

We have a new to us trailer.... we have a beautiful granddaughter and a handsome grandson...

I am still doing Plexus and working at the school
Steve is still working at TI but has started being the worship pastor at Trinity.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

We received a letter in the mail from the city of Sherman, TX yesterday that they were considering annexing our neighborhood!

Needless to say, we were not very happy!
Too many fun memories in our neighborhood of roasting marshmallows on bonfires or just clearing out the brush, shooting our guns, popping firecrackers and so much more that will come under the laws of the city as illegal if we should get annexed.

This all started because a section of homes that are on the same water system as we are thought it would be a good idea to get city water brought into the neighborhood. They had a private home owners meeting and invited the city manager to consider the annexation plan.
Afterwards, the other homes that are affected received a letter stating that we were a part of the plan and that we would get city water (yuck), trash service and eventually street improvement.

I know several neighbors that will also have to make changes in the way they do life, park their RVs, raise animals other than dogs and cats, place their propane tanks. Some people, if not all, will loose part of their yard as the city is talking about coming in and widening roads and taking that land to use.

We are not interested and know several of our neighbors that feel the same way. I know there is a petition that will be available at the meeting on Monday night for those in favor so I have setup a petition to gather signatures from home owners that do not agree that live on Lamberth road that is a part of Lamberth Estates, Carriage Circle, and the non Sherman side of Shady Oaks Lane.

We need to let our voice be heard!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What a summer so far.....

I can't believe how much rain we have gotten! It has totally messed up my pool and backyard.
Usually by May we have a pretty yard complete with plants and flowers around the pool. The pool although cool is always ready for swimmers by end of May. Not this year! We began putting out our plants and flowers and I am pretty sure my hanging baskets are dead due to too much water!
My pool was starting to come in and then the waters hit with a vengeance bringing dirt and stuff from I don't know where.....it is still struggling and what is it doing this week? Raining again! Lake Texoma will probably go over spillway again....that is just crazy!
I think we are going to need a summer do over.....I like summer.....it is a nice break to get outside and in the sunshine......but this year it has been rain, Mosquitos and flies.....

On another note....we are days away from seeing our second Grandbaby! Looking forward to baby Cylus to arrive!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another busy weekend but summer is on its way!!

Well... last weekend was busy... we went to check on Ashley after she was placed on bed rest for the weekend. We are waiting to hear if she will be released today to return to work or if she will be heading to hospital to deliver a sweet baby boy.
There was still work to do on the duplex...so we headed over there with Alex to help out with that some too... his parents helped him finish up on Saturday.
We waited out the rain on Saturday morning and then headed out to see the flood waters... crazy how much water was flowing over the spillway!!!
I'm sore from all this moving and lifting...so I am enjoying a bit of Plexus Fast relief cream...it feels so good! Sunday the sun came out for a bit and of course I had to go sit and enjoy... I got a little bit pink on my arms and legs but I tried the Plexus body cream.. and sure enough that pink was gone and the heat was out of it...I just love all these Plexus products...I am anxiously awaiting for my P96 vanilla to come in so I can make some more of those great shakes!!!

This week we are on baby watch...could happen anytime!!!
Just a few days till summer.... I can make it!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A long weekend!!!

Well it was a long weekend! We decided to take in a movie Friday night after dinner! I didn't realize how long the Avengers movie is! So we got home some time after 10:30 and then got up earlier the next morning to help Ashley and Alex move.
There was much packed but still much to be done as we began loading boxes and the guys began loading trailers. The guys made one trip to the new house before we stopped for lunch... the 2nd trip we all decided to go. The house is great! They are going to love it!
We got back Saturday night before the storms hit...lots of rain fell...not much sleep before we got up and went to church. After lunch we all tried to grab some rest before going back up to the church for some volleyball and games.
Monday, Steve and I went back to Denton to help....don't know that we got much done but we did figure out where the hospital is... and helped get a new fridge transported to the new house and put in the kitchen.

Bentley is starting to show some of that sweet personality and her momma caught some of these shots on Saturday. Can't believe she is almost 2 months old.. won't be long till we have Baby Cylus here too!!