Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rain, Rain go away

Ok... I know come July and August we will just wish for some rain.. but right now...go away!!! When I walk in our yard it is just gooshy and you leave foot prints as you move around.
My pool is struggling and green...every time we get close to getting the chemicals right the rain comes.
I was driving home from school yesterday in a DOWN pour... I used an umbrella but still got soaked walking to the car...as I got up to the light hail started...so I found cover and let Steve know.. he let me know the sun was shining at the house..and actually I was starting to see some sun too... while it was raining and hailing on me!
Looks like the rest of the week and into the holiday weekend is RAIN.... we are hoping to move Ashley to her new home but that depends on closing and the RAIN....

I am soooo ready for summer! First thing I want to do is to do nothing at all... I hope my pool cooperates and at least looks clear!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A very wet weekend......

WOW! what a crazy wet weekend!
Friday night I kept up with Ashley as she traveled from Denton to Granbury as the storms were coming in! Steve and I grabbed a quick bite and picked up some breakfast food and pretty much just hung out at the house.
Steve and I went out to Hagerman on Saturday just to see how the water was rising! They were putting out barricades and blocking roads that were going under water! It is good to see water in the lake.. but did it have to all come at one time??
Sunday we all were at church and then were coming to the house to fix steaks and veggies for Mother's day... in the middle of church everyone's phone alert went off and let us know MORE flooding potential was out there.
Sure enough while starting lunch it looked like a monsoon!!! The power went out and stayed out for some time.. that put lunch on hold... when it came back on we really enjoyed our lunch!!!
We just hung out and watched the tornado track through the East side of town...
I enjoyed my day and got cards from both kids and also beautiful hanging baskets and a clean patio from Steve...
I am blessed!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

and the babies rest.....

Bobbie came over to do a little laundry and caught this picture of the babies asleep!

Monday, May 4, 2015

New Addition

Well this weekend we made a road trip to Canton. We loaded up Andy and Bobbie and baby Bentley and off we went. Andy really wanted to take Bobbie to see the big First Monday trade's day... but I knew what that meant was really Dog Alley...so off we went on our two hour adventure...
It was a busy place and Dog alley was full of LOTS of animals!!!
We saw Yorkies and Morkies and Ducks and Geese and Rabbits and just a little bit of everything!
Of course we had to hold and pet and enjoy as many of them as we could! I think we were all on sensory overload.
As luck would have it we found a really pretty Border Collie at a great price that we just couldn't go home without.
We didn't make it home till around 10pm.. but we had a cute little guy with us.... He really didn't want to go straight to bed when we got there so Steve and I traded off staying in the living room with him so at least we each got a few hours sleep!
Last night was so much better! We made sure he had play time after church and lunch and that he had a full tummy an hour before bed time. He has kinda taken up with Beau's pillow bed so we put that in the new puppy's carrier and he got in and got quiet and went to sleep...we actually slept all night...
He has done a really good job of going outside to potty...of course he hasn't really learned to tell us yet but the signs are big so off we go! :) and he didn't go in his bed at all!!!
So.. next step is to name this little guy...some names we are looking at are:
  • Scout
  • Rowdy
  • Jasper
  • Scooter
I am always happy after I get a dog names so I can start the training... and he is going to be a fun one to train because he appears to be really smart!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

WOW! What a weekend!!!

I took off on Friday to go be with Ashley at her doctor's appointment- Steve was concerned about me being on the road right in the middle of all the rain and storms coming across our area.
I assured him that I would be fine- I started out by stopping to get gas.... I only got $10 of gas in my truck because the rain was coming down so hard and at such and angle I was already drenched- no worries.. I had plenty for my trip.
As I started out to Denton my tire gauge come on my dash around Collinsville- no big deal... I know the air pressure can come on occasionally with change in temperature and change in tire pressure... but then as I watched it go down a little more I realized I might be in trouble. I pulled over at a convenience

store gas station next to air pump- I gathered my quarters and got out to put air in my tire- that is when I heard it... AIR escaping quickly from my tire. I let Steve know and of course he was out the door and on his way before I could even stop to consider what my options might be for getting a spare on our help.
Well.. he arrived in what looked like enough time to still get to Denton for Ashley's appointment- and since it was raining- working on the tire didn't look good right then anyway... so off we went.
We arrived in time to see little baby Cylus up on the big screen- he was being a bit more cooperative this time but still had his arms up... the doctor said she could see a lot of hair!!! We are all so excited for his arrival.
After a quick run by Starbuck's we were off to Collinsville to get my truck back on the road before the next storm that was following us up the road began to pour! We didn't make it before the rain.. but Steve was able to fix my tire and we headed off towards Sherman. The piece of metal he pulled out of my tire was longer than my index finger- I guess you could say as big or bigger than a pencil... ugh!!!
Rain continued hard most of day- much more water than my garages or back door could handle. It looked like I had a pond in my front yard.
Saturday cleared off so pretty and as we were getting ready to head to Air Show in Durant we noticed water standing just outside of our front door- right where our water heater closet is...so... after investigating that we realized our 20 year old water heater needed to be replaced...so off we went on a price and size checking adventure and finally brought a new one home to install before Steve grilled us some awesome hamburgers.
Sunday was good- we had an awesome worship with Steve leading and then we had to make a quick road trip to Allen so we stopped off for lunch at the Blue Goose and then home to clean up our mess in the house and garage.... and here we are back to Monday... but....not many Mondays left before Summer...we can do this!!! ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April brings......

April brings showers and flowers and tests!
I love the winter snow and cold... but I also love to see the cold go and the spring showers bringing the flowers and green grass. I love when we start working on bringing the pool in and getting our plants out.
We start talking about what to plant in the garden and what flowers need to be replanted around the back patio.
The hummingbirds have already started coming around looking for a drink... large butterflies are hanging around the backyard..of course our Cardinals have been around for a while as we have kept bird seed available for them during the frost!
It is an amazing time of year! We went to a little plant nursery in Denison yesterday- I wanted to take home several plants... I love to make the backyard just feel like an Oasis around the pool to share with family and friends... hopefully we will get a break in the rain soon to start really working on those things...
In the meantime, the front flowers have made their appearance... Iris, Indian Hawthorne, Roses... so pretty!

April is also testing in Texas schools... it is done in our elementary schools today... so now students and teachers alike can take an opportunity to breathe a little easier! They did a great job of preparing and students appeared to work hard in our classrooms and on the computers...

After a day of testing it is good just to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and watch the birds and butterflies and see the sweet flowers!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spending Time is awesome!

We enjoy spending time with family! Love it when the kids come home and play or just visit!
We love to make it a special treat and make sure everyone is well fed and has fun...or rest..whichever they need!
Lately we have been getting to spend time with the newest addition to the family. She has been such a good baby. She has gone to the movies and was at church the first weekend she came home from the hospital.
It is fun to see how everyone makes sure they get an opportunity to hold her.
Here she is with her Pawpaw this weekend when we kept her on Friday and when she came over for a visit on Saturday and then her cute little Sunday dress!
Sweet little Bentley!