Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Well the sleet started coming down Sunday night while we were at church. We had some things come up that we helped with so we didn't get home till after 8pm. Many schools were already canceling Monday morning classes.
Monday morning was very icy and lots of reports of accidents were coming in- glad we were home- it didn't get above freezing all day so by around 4pm the report that schools would not open on Tuesday was already going out! 2 days off for ice!
I got some things caught up around the house and then Tuesday night we ventured out... the roads were pretty clear- it had got just above freezing so we went out for dinner and stopped at a couple of stores... made a stop at Walmart- GRRRRR.... shelves were pretty bare... I got the things I wanted and went to checkout... several lines were working but I noticed their light was not on so I looked until I found a cash register with her light on and got in line... we waited while she worked with the guy at the register.. one more was in front of me and after a little while he turned around and said.. I am last in line... my reply was.. Oh.. I got here when her light was still on.. and then the cashier began to tell me she knew it was on but it was blinking and shouldn't have been on... REALLY!!!! now that I have stood in line and the other lines have gotten so long they were back to the clothes... AND I didn't have that many items as it was... GRRR! I took my buggy to a manager to explain to him what had happened.. thinking he would care... he didn't really care!!! So I left my stuff with him....
Anyway, on to the snow days... everyone was watching for snow on Wednesday morning but the storm shifted or slowed or something... funny lots of schools had a delay start so they will be going in while it is snowing... we came in normal time while it is sleeting.. now the kids are just loving watching the snow through the windows!
I guess winter isn't finished with us yet... a winter mix is expected on Friday!!!
We had a baby shower on Saturday for Bobbie.... Andy started his new job on Monday.. well.. after ice it was Tuesday.....We got to hang out with Ashley a bit for the shower...
On Saturday our sweet buddy Toby passed away- he had been in our family about 14 years.. he had gotten so feeble... it was sad watching him go...we tried to make him comfortable in a blanket and Steve had to bury him while we were at the baby shower... those things are always hard on all of us! They are family too!
Steve had just made the comment Friday night about if we would need to start looking for a Sheltie.. we have talked about getting a little guy to be a buddy to Beau... I don't know.. sometimes I say yes.. sometimes I say no.. but in looking at the prices we might have to pass... why are people selling pets for $600 and up??? Oh well.. if the right dog comes around we shall see!!! He has to enjoy hanging out with us and camping!! and of course.. he has to like Beau!

and YES... I want to build a snowman!!! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Valentine Weekend!

What a GREAT valentine weekend! Friday I got home to beautiful flowers from my sweetie! Then we headed off for an awesome dinner at Tokyo! After that we were a little late for movies so I got to go shopping for a few things I had been thinking I wanted... ceramic curling wand, cologne and a smart watch. Steve also went shopping... for a new tv! LOL! billboard size!! LOL!
Saturday was a lazy day around the house but Steve cooked us an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and heart shaped pancakes! We headed out on an adventure late afternoon thinking we would eat some Huck's catfish and catch that movie again. Little did we know that LOTS of people were going to Huck's for Valentine day.. and going we headed out to find a different place rather than waiting an hour. We found ourselves across the dam at Wendy's catfish... it wasn't anything fancy but we enjoyed our drive and had the chance to just talk! After we finished and headed back to Sherman we realized we had missed the movie we had a few stops to make at Lowe's and Gander Mountain before heading home to relax and get ready for worship the next morning.

I had Monday off so I decided to make stew and cornbread for such a cold day... but I also made a great Mexican corn dip to start us off and finished with a sopapilla cheese cake! It was yummy.. and then off to a Plexus meeting I went!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where did last week go?

WOW! what a whirlwind kind of week! I started the week on Sunday enjoying snacks and football with the family... well... I enjoyed the snacks! LOL
On Monday I left for my annual trip to Austin to attend TCEA and present on Wednesday "A Roadmap to a Digital Classroom"
Tuesday was lots of classes and waiting in lines to get into classes.... it was a full day and we ended by going to a Vendor event for Solid Borders/Baracuda. Wednesday I went to the opening keynote by Bill Nye the Science guy... I was disappointed that he had an agenda to share... and yes.. I do believe the Bible and the flood just in case he is reading my blog! I gave my presentation later and I think it went pretty good! No pressure but my boss was in there and so was a represenative from Rennisance Learning- I am a part of the Distinguished Educators group- hope I didn't disappoint! :)
We finished Wednesday night by stopping in for the Discovery education dinner and then the LightSpeed social... busy busy day! Thursday started out busy but then I found myself at a lunch with Renaissance learning at Fogo De Chao for a fabulous lunch and great presentation about a software product they want me to try out! We were volunteers at the TCEA social that night and took tickets at the door before heading home to crash!
Friday was a long trip home... we ended up leaving a little early but found ourselves stopping and going through the Dr Pepper museum on the way home.. so a little longer trip than I expected! ;)
Here we are past the weekend which was full in itself.... we are looking at music and getting ready for worship rehearsal at Trinity and I am back at working teaching lots of classes!
Everyone in the schools seems to be getting sick with Flu and far that has stayed out of our house.. we just keep taking our Plexus X Factor vitamins, Probio5 and Plexus Slim and so far so good!!! Over a year of health and feeling great!!! I don't think I could have kept up with last week's busy schedule without it...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The week is nearing the weekend.....

Well this week is getting closer and closer to the Weekend.
Ashley will have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for what would have been a gender reveal ultrasound... now it will just be a fun look because they have been told the baby is a little boy! Cylus Brennan Jesko.

Andy and Bobbie are coming back home after checking out a job in Coalgate Ok. They are still looking for work- I know they are stressed and I hope they are able to find something very soon!

I will be packing to go to Austin and present at TCEA. My presentation A Roadmap to a Digital Classroom will be fun... I hope! :)

We have hired someone new for one of our schools technology. I am guessing this will be the last week we fill in over there...

I am ready for the weekend.. there have been a few stressers along the way since Christmas that has made feeling rested not as easy... I am still sleeping good and have energy thanks to Plexus.. but just not as relaxed feeling... need to just lay those things down!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Fun Saturday!

Well we had the opportunity on Saturday to eat lunch with Ashley and Alex! They had made these cute scratch off cards for each of us to find out that they are going to have a baby boy!
WOW! So Andy and Bobbie will have a little girl in April and Ashley and Alex will have a boy in June!
I have already been shopping for cute little outfits!
Baby showers will begin soon... one in February by friends of Bobbie's and one in March by friends of Ashley's.
We are excited for these two little arrivals!!!

Andy is looking for work! He has an opportunity in Oklahoma but both of them really want to live in Texas so we are all praying about that! If you know of any openings in the Texoma area Andy has background with Technology, Semiconductor, Sound, Lights, Customer Service... he is eager to find that job that will help him take care of  his little family!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015 you ever stop worrying?

So... I was recently talking to a friend about our kids! She shares stories of her daughter that is pregnant and going through a few things and I share stories about my family too! We have decided that parent's never stop worrying!!!
Case in point:
  • January 2nd- Bobbie has an accident- and we worry!!!
  • January 16th- Alex narrowly avoids and accident- still worry!
  • January 18th- Andy helps change a flat tire- the car falls- yep---a little worried!!
All these things just keeps moms and dads on their toes! I don't care how old your children are...or if they have got married....or even if they are having kids of their own.... we still worry....

So kids....
  • answer your cell phone when I call
  • reply to my text message when I send something- even if it is a "k"
  • wear your seat belt and don't text and drive
  • make sure you are eating good
  • keep your bills paid
Most of all.... know that I love each one of you!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Felt like SPRING

What a beautiful long weekend! When Friday arrived the weather was gorgeous! Steve and I had a chance to share Plexus with a new friend! We met her downtown and she got one of the 7day trial packs from me!
Then off to Radio Shack to trade out the faulty drone for the 3rd time... hopefully this one is a keeper!
After shopping at Academy and Gander mountain we found us a quick bite of dinner and headed to the house!
Saturday we decided to get out of the house for breakfast.. after a coffee run to Starbuck's and then burrito run to Whataburger and extreme sausage sandwich from Jack in the box we ate breakfast on the road! LOL!
We then ran downtown to see if we could get one of the awesome chocolate pies from Willi Jim's... but they were out so we settled for bite size chocolate and sampled the bite sized scotch pie. We also brought home the Apple pie! Well that is an awesome treat!!!
After a quick trip to Whitesboro to Past and Blast to let Steve spend his Christmas money on a few items... we came home and enjoyed some outdoor time shooting some targets! I think I am just about ready to try to get my CHL! That would be awesome!
Sunday was just as pretty! We enjoyed worship together with Andy and Bobbie and then ate some yummy El Chico's before coming home to enjoy more fun in the sun! Andy finally has his 4 wheeler running so they ran around the yard on that!
Monday was a holiday! We spent most of the day catching up on things at the house!
I enjoyed the warm sunshine but wouldn't mind a little bit more cold with some white stuff on the ground? Anyone else just need a little snow?