Monday, January 26, 2015

A Fun Saturday!

Well we had the opportunity on Saturday to eat lunch with Ashley and Alex! They had made these cute scratch off cards for each of us to find out that they are going to have a baby boy!
WOW! So Andy and Bobbie will have a little girl in April and Ashley and Alex will have a boy in June!
I have already been shopping for cute little outfits!
Baby showers will begin soon... one in February by friends of Bobbie's and one in March by friends of Ashley's.
We are excited for these two little arrivals!!!

Andy is looking for work! He has an opportunity in Oklahoma but both of them really want to live in Texas so we are all praying about that! If you know of any openings in the Texoma area Andy has background with Technology, Semiconductor, Sound, Lights, Customer Service... he is eager to find that job that will help him take care of  his little family!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015 you ever stop worrying?

So... I was recently talking to a friend about our kids! She shares stories of her daughter that is pregnant and going through a few things and I share stories about my family too! We have decided that parent's never stop worrying!!!
Case in point:
  • January 2nd- Bobbie has an accident- and we worry!!!
  • January 16th- Alex narrowly avoids and accident- still worry!
  • January 18th- Andy helps change a flat tire- the car falls- yep---a little worried!!
All these things just keeps moms and dads on their toes! I don't care how old your children are...or if they have got married....or even if they are having kids of their own.... we still worry....

So kids....
  • answer your cell phone when I call
  • reply to my text message when I send something- even if it is a "k"
  • wear your seat belt and don't text and drive
  • make sure you are eating good
  • keep your bills paid
Most of all.... know that I love each one of you!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Felt like SPRING

What a beautiful long weekend! When Friday arrived the weather was gorgeous! Steve and I had a chance to share Plexus with a new friend! We met her downtown and she got one of the 7day trial packs from me!
Then off to Radio Shack to trade out the faulty drone for the 3rd time... hopefully this one is a keeper!
After shopping at Academy and Gander mountain we found us a quick bite of dinner and headed to the house!
Saturday we decided to get out of the house for breakfast.. after a coffee run to Starbuck's and then burrito run to Whataburger and extreme sausage sandwich from Jack in the box we ate breakfast on the road! LOL!
We then ran downtown to see if we could get one of the awesome chocolate pies from Willi Jim's... but they were out so we settled for bite size chocolate and sampled the bite sized scotch pie. We also brought home the Apple pie! Well that is an awesome treat!!!
After a quick trip to Whitesboro to Past and Blast to let Steve spend his Christmas money on a few items... we came home and enjoyed some outdoor time shooting some targets! I think I am just about ready to try to get my CHL! That would be awesome!
Sunday was just as pretty! We enjoyed worship together with Andy and Bobbie and then ate some yummy El Chico's before coming home to enjoy more fun in the sun! Andy finally has his 4 wheeler running so they ran around the yard on that!
Monday was a holiday! We spent most of the day catching up on things at the house!
I enjoyed the warm sunshine but wouldn't mind a little bit more cold with some white stuff on the ground? Anyone else just need a little snow?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Middle of January... WHAT????

Where does the time go? Seems like it was just last weekend we were trying to get all the Christmas gifts bought and wrapped! Now here we are in the middle of January!
I guess we will start thinking about babies next!!! Bobbie is due in April and all is going well even after the car accident! Thank goodness! She says when she comes to listen to worship practice that little baby girl already moves alot like she likes the music! Maybe we have another musician like her daddy! ;)
At the end of this month we will find out what Ashley is having! She had an appointment at the beginning of the month and all was still going great! One more appointment at the end of the month to share the gender.

I have been working on a friends computer for the last 3 nights! It is amazing how much junk can get on a computer and cause problems... hundreds and hundreds of malware, spyware and virus problems. I think after several scans and reboots I finally have the situation under control and can get her computer back to her! I can honestly say I understand why Geek Squad charges people so much to start that process! Can take a little time to find it all!

I guess the next few days will be warmer! Hopefully the yard will start drying out..for some reason we have lost lots of grass and Beau is finding the mud! He DOES clean his feet when he comes back in the house... but he cleans it all over my this morning at 7am I was running the vacuum... AGAIN!

So many people around us sick with colds, bronchitus and flu! Thank goodness we are all staying healthy! I give credit to the awesome Plexus Vitamins, Probio5 and Slim drink! I have never felt better! I need to find out what is going on with this shoulder that I hurt back in high school! It has really started being a PAIN.. but even through that I have my Plexus fast relieve cream and I get relief from the discomfort.. I might need to consider the nerve health again.. it helped so much with the tingling I used to get in my fingers!! It is all gone now!!!

Ok.. back at it... I have a couple of days of work left... more people to talk to about Plexus.. they just keep asking! I hope that I can share something that will bless their life as it has ours! Then Monday is a holiday!! YAY!!! Maybe I will get out and share a little Plexus love! :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Another cold weekend!

Another cold weekend! We picked up firewood from a friend on Friday after school! I think Steve and Andy were both a bit sore from that!!!
Saturday was a lazy day! Sitting by the warm fire---we started with brunch around 10am or later! LOL! That evening we tried out the new Jungle Burger with the kids! Not too bad!
Sunday was a great day- getting to go to worship with Andy and Bobbie! Andy did a great job on the bass for worship.  Afterwards we picked up some chicken and watched the cowboy game! Such a close game.. can't believe they lost!
Starting this Monday with my shoulder hurting again! I don't know what I am doing to it that makes it hurt to lift! I have been using Fast Relief cream on it and that works so good!
They are calling for a chance of snow on Wednesday! That would be OK with me! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hump Day.... Yeah!

Well we made it to Wednesday! Good news from Monday is that Bobbie was monitored for a while and they were able to hear the heart beat of the baby and they did an ultra sound and measured the baby and everything looks good! They have asked her to do things for the next few days to hopefully get the baby moving and so they know everything is still ok!
Today was a very cold day- but by tonight the temperatures are going to drop! The wind chill should drop us into some very brutal cold temperatures! By Friday night through Sunday there are two chances of rain/snow mix. I hope it does! I always enjoy seeing a little bit of white each year!
Well 2nd semester has arrived and with it comes lots of testing! The first one in the lab will be in a couple of weeks. After that I will be preparing for TCEA in Austin. Then we come back and all the BIG tests will begin!
Everyone I have seen over the last couple of days is just asking when the next break will be! LOL!

Monday, January 5, 2015

First Day back......

First day back from Christmas break! Of course I didn't want to get up and get going on this cold morning! Thank goodness for a great night's sleep despite some big stresses this weekend! I did make sure that I had my pink slim and water- staying healthy and full of energy is real important on days like today!
The dogs were not as happy that Steve left them in their beds when he left- They thought they would cry out at me that they wanted out! So... I let them out- after a little water and food they went on their way to the backyard- WHAT??? You don't like the cold.... hmmmm... maybe tomorrow morning you will enjoy that stay in your bed a little longer! LOL!
I had to put together a new photo release and head shot for Renaissance Learning. As a part of the Distinguished educator program they want to put me in the February newsletter since I am presenting at TCEA in Austin. So I guess I will send this "head shot"
I guess it will do for a Monday morning after break!
I am hoping to hear from Bobbie and Andy today as she talks to the doctor and finds out if everything is ok after her Friday evening accident. Her car is totalled I am sure- I just hope she and the baby are ok.
Well, back to work- I put a roast in the crock pot  before I left for work- so after a long cold day hopefully we will have a good warm meal waiting on us when we get there!